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Samples of enquiries and feedback we receive


We have made these communications available, to give you a look at some of our feedback and to give you an idea of the type of problem we are asked to solve. If you have a special or unusual requirement, or just don't know where to look for something, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Good Morning,

I have an odd requirement, and Iím not sure if there is a product that may work.

We have a piece of portable test equipment that we use on a number of different aircraft. This equipment has its own VHF radio installed.

What we would like to do is use ONE headset to communicate to the pilot via the normal intercom, while also being able to use the SAME headset to receive and transmit on the VHF radio.

When we are transmitting on the VHF radio we would like to disconnect ourselves from the intercom, I would imagine that this would require both the mic and headphone to be isolated from the intercom due to the sidetone generated by the VHF radio (this has not been confirmed though).

The pilot should not hear what it being transmitted over the VHF radio, and ideally also not hear what is being received by the VHF radio.

The aircraft intercoms are the standard voice-activated type. The VHF radio has a PTT switch, and its microphone connector is wired to take a remote PTT switch.

We would like the provision to connect two headsets to the VHF radio if possible.

If you have or know of a suitable product please let us know.

Best regards,

Andrew Booth
Support Engineer
RADIOLA Aerospace

Hullo Barry,

Thank you for your rapid service, I expected it to take a lot longer!
I can't go flying without them, so much appreciated.
I have right now paid the invoice on line. Appreciate the reduced charges, I looked at doing them myself and rapidly decided not a job for the amateur!

Pt. Chevalier, Auckland

Evening Barry,

We have a guy here who does electronic repairs on TVs and stuff. Like the guy he replaced, he is scrupulously honest in his dealings with the ignorenti of the town who wouldn't know a capacitor from a resistor. Obviously you are cast in the same mold. I was informed by the Ardmore people that my headset was unfixable and to buy a new one. Nothing is unfixable. Our fellow pilot and electrician here obviously does not have sufficient knowledge to rectify the problem.... my thanks to you for your prompt attention and remarkably modest fee. It is gratifying to deal with you, thanks.

Charles Russell
Mercury Bay Aero Club

Hi Guys.Great service and product.
Cheers Bob
Papakura, Auckland

Good Morning,

I just spoke to you on the phone regarding an adaptor from the Icom IC-A5 radio to a headset with the nato plug. Like I mentioned, someone saw in Australia they had an adaptor that plugged straight into the 4 pole 3.5mm jack on the radio and went to a box with a PTT switch and socket for the nato plug. Ideally this would be the best option if there is such a part as it is simple and doesn't require us to swap over sockets.

One of our guys contacted you a while ago and I'm chasing that up and also trying to find the best way to do it including my research.

I've found the Icom part is OPC-967 which goes from the 4 pole 3.5mm to a ptt, mic and speaker GA sockets. I believe the info you gave the other guy was to use a PA-75, would that connect to the OPC-967?

Is there any other 3rd party adaptor you know of?

Thanks for your help,

AC A.J Daley

5 Squadron Maintenance
RNZAF Base Auckland


My name is Steve Taft, I am the Deputy Crew Chief on Blue Watch at Auckland Airport, Airport Emergency Service. I am making an enquiry regarding hearing protection with two way radio comms. that will fit under a firefighterís helmet. It would need to be compatible with a portable radio, we use Motorola MTX900 here. Are you able to be of assistance? I look forward to your reply.

Steve Taft
Auckland Airport Emergency Service


I'm trying to locate a helicopter headset that can be clipped onto a hard hat, I have a contract coming up that requires me to be in and out of a helicopter very often and I must wear a hard hat while outside the machine, so I was hoping to find an off the shelf solution that would mean I can just leave the hard hat on and just plug into the helicopter while aboard and unplug to go outside. My other idea was to use the gear I currently have, Petzl hard hard with ear muff's clipped on, and I'm happy to retro fit a mic boom to them. fit an ear piece to the inside of one muff with a short curly cord with Nato plug on it.

Can you advise if there is an headset that can clip onto a helmet, or can you supply parts for me to fit a simple boom mic assembly and one speaker to a existing Ear Muff.

Callum Bond | Technician/Rigger | Downer NZ


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