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Carrier landing

This is a video of a carrier landing viewed from the cockpit! You need the sound on for this.

Apollo 11 launch

July 16 1969 Apollo 11 was launched. This 8 min. video shows the launch in slow speed, and includes narration.

Classic Aircraft photography

Click for classic aircraft photography

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Other Stuff

Why I Want To Be A Pilot

To view an essay written by a ten year old, on why he wants to be a pilot, click on the image below.

Lightspeed 15XLc and 20XLc headset

Do you have on-going problems with the comms lead on your Lightspeed 15XLc and 20XLc headset? We have identified a design fault in these headsets and developed a modification to eliminate these faults. If you would like to have us modify you Lightspeed 15XLc or 20XLc headset, please Contact Us to arrange a repair.

Some of the enquiries we receive

We receive a wide range of enquiries from, not only the general aviation industry, but also from contractors, emergency services, airforce, electronics technicians, etc. If you have an odd requirement, please contact us to see if we can help. To get an idea of the enquiries we get Click Here

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